Bitter oyster glowing mushroom (Panellus stipticus)

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Clean live culture sent in a mini dish or a 2ml Eppendorf tube. The epp tubes are sturdy and good for sending internationally. They seal hermetically. Put on agar after receiving and you'll have a Petri dish colonized in a week or two.

This mushroom is inedible. Its main appeal is that it glows in the dark. Even mycelium on agar glows a little in a dark room.

A quote from a customer:

"Just wanted to let you know the bioluminescence on the first batch is great. I'm growing it in grains, which isnt the optimal medium, but it's quite noticeable even in small patches on the grain.

I went through a few other sellers before you, and either had non-viable cultures, or apparently a non-bioluminescent strain.

I'm very happy with it." 

--Jeremy Schaffer

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