Exotic culture

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This is a listing allowing you to order an exotic culture. These come on agar in Eppendorf tubes, or in mini dishes at extra charge. Below is a list of cultures available. Please indicate which one(s) you are buying by including a note with the order, or by email.

Stone producers

P. gallindoi ATL#7
P. mexicana
P. tampanensis


P. allenii
P. azurescens
P. azurescens var. gigantium
P. baeocystis
P. caerulescens
P. cyanescens
P. ovoideocystidiata
P. serbica
P. subaeruginosa
P. stuntzii

Exotic Psilocybes

P. hispanica
P. pseudoaztecorum
P. semilanceata
P. weraroa
P. zapotecorum

Psilocybe cubensis varieties

Albino Penis Envy
Golden Teacher
Penis Envy
PF classic
Koh Samui Super Strain

Many other varieties available on demand, started from spores.


Panaeolus bisporus
Gymnopilus junonius (said to be non-active)
Gymnopilus luteofolius

Many other Panaeolus and Gymnopilus species available on demand, started from spores.

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